Home: Issue 58 (July 2016-June 2017)

Due for publication shortly  
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Home: Pachyderm is back online

We regret the inconvenience caused to all our users: readers, authors and reviewers following the online journal crash. The site is back online and we are now operating normally.
If you have a manuscript you would like to be considered for publication in Issue 58, kindly submit without further delay. In case of any queries kindly contact the managing editor: Suzannah Goss
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Pachyderm Update: December 2014

Thank you for visiting the Pachyderm website. The Editorial Board is currently discussing how best to proceed with Pachyderm given a number of current administrative and funding constraints. As a result, there is no confirmed publication date for our next issue, Pachyderm 56. We anticipate having an update within the coming months regarding the future of Pachyderm's publication and will post an announcement at that time.

All past issues of Pachyderm remain accessible to the public.
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New Guidelines for Contributors - March 2011

The Guidelines for Contributors have been revised by the Editorial Board of Pachyderm.  
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