Monitoring of Javan Rhino Population in Ujung Kulon National Park

Mohamad Haryono, Ujang Mamat Rahmat, Muhiban Daryan, Agung Suci Raharja, Aom Muhtarom, Asep Yayus Firdaus, Ai Rohaeti, Irma Subchiyatim, amila nugraheni, Kurnia Oktalina Khairani


A monitoring project of the Javan rhino was conducted so as to understand the extent to which the growth of this population has succeeded. Monitoring was conducted by making use of camera traps, which were strategically placed by using a stratified sampling method based on the area of concentration of Javan rhino. The population size of Javan rhino in 2013 was a minimal 58 individuals consisting of 8 calves and 50 sub adults or adults with a sex ratio of 35 males : 23 females. The birth rate was recorded at 13.79% while the mortality rate was recorded at 3.45%. We also recorded 4 new calves in 2013.

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