Lessons learned in the implementation of endangered species specific strategies: Midterm Review of the Kenya Black Rhino Strategy (2012-2016)

Martin Mulama, Patrick Omondi, Charles Musyoki, Cedric Khayale, Linus Kariuki, Robert Ndetei


A Midterm Review of the implementation of the "Conservation and Management Strategy for the Black Rhino in Kenya (2012–2016)" was undertaken between December 2014 and January 2015. This was prompted by serious concerns on its implementation and escalating cases of poaching in the first two years. The review was done through a combination of standard project review methods, visits undertaken in all rhino sanctuaries, and 62 persons interviewed. The Midterm Review report and draft action plans were later subjected to a stakeholder’s workshop where a final action plan was developed and adopted. The Midterm Review indicates there has been average to good progress towards achieving the objectives set out in the current Kenya black rhino Strategy although most were undertaken in an uncoordinated manner. Further the Review indicates that efforts to halt the escalation in poaching have been fairly successful in 2014 compared to 2012 and 2013 thus resulting in an increase in black rhino number over the same periods. Given that the Strategy still enjoys the support of all the stakeholders including major funding institutions interviewed, it means an opportunity to reinvigorate the remaining period of the strategy implementation exists.


African rhino; Nairobi National Park; census; white rhino; black rhino

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