Application of Arcview Animal Movement Analysis Extension as a tool for monitoring elephant movement: preliminary results from northern Cameroon

Desire Foguekem, Martin Ngankam Tchamba, Mark Macallister, Pierre Ngassam, Mike Loomis


ArcView Animal Movement Analysis Extension was used to survey the movement of two female elephants, Eka from Benoué National Park and Habsatu from Bouba Ndjida National Park in northern Cameroon. The results show that Eka is seldom in the park if 5% of the outliers are not considered, while Habsatu is in the park more often, especially in its northern and western parts, and she moves over the border into Chad. Home ranges were calculated as 1750 km2 for Eka and 2058 km2 for Habsatu. Recommendations are made for improving the study in the future.



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